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 The Deal with the Empire

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PostSubject: The Deal with the Empire   Thu Dec 16, 2010 7:11 am

The Datalonian Council is awaiting the message from the three old republic star cruisers. Marco sits at the end of the table looking at a holo displayer in the middle. The elder people around him look hopeful as the comm beeps
"Greetings members of the Datalonian Council" Marco Folds his hands a replies "Greetings Admiral, we are sending our party out to take it over. Please stay untill all stations have been taken over "Yes Mister Turenia, what about the deal?"
Marco relaxes on his chair and points at a guard "Send the first couple of blue prints to the Imperial head quarters at Corescant and to the Empress' chambers. "Yes sir, right away". "Ill contact the Empress immiditly"Marco Bows to the elder council members and leaves the room

At the moment the Empress' main holodisplayer beeps in her room
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The Deal with the Empire
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